Update 2015: I have discovered fountain, an evolved implementation of this same idea.

As stated in my Since Graduation post, I have been working on a TV show script. I've been playing with different software for writing scripts. I've tried Apple's Pages (with my own custom template), a trial of Final Draft (which I decided not to pay for), among other things. As a coder who is accustomed to working with plain text, none of these solutions are ideal for me.

One night, I thought: what if I could write my TV scripts in plain text just as I do my blog posts? So I created scriptdown. Inspired by Markdown. For me, this is the optimal way to write TV scripts. I can track them in a git repository and treat them like code. The coder in me loves it.

This project was also a quick way to play with Python. I won't update or enhance this script beyond my own needs, but it was a fun little project to throw together.