At the time of my Graduation and Beyond post, I was hunting for a job. Not long after making that post, I officially accepted an offer for a position as a UI Engineer at RetailMeNot in Austin, TX.

I have since paused my TV writing ambitions, packed up my apartment in Ann Arbor, moved to Austin, and began working at RetailMeNot.

I've learned A LOT. The UI team is led by Mike Cravey, he's a great leader and has helped me grow and begin to realize my potential as a software engineer.

I won't go into too much detail about what I've worked on in my short time here, but some highlights:

  • Lots of front-end components and improvements.
  • I've refactored numerous components for reuse across different contexts.
  • I built an admin tool for our marketing team to generate the html for their weekly emails. This saved them hours each week by automating a previously manual process.
  • I worked with two other engineers, a project manager, and a designer to redesign our mobile website
  • RetailMeNot relies on being at the top of Google's search results. Thus our pages need to be fast and highly ranked. I have worked on performance improvements to the end of speeding up the webpage and boosting SEO.
  • I've implemented lots of AB tests that we have run on the website to help us optimize our user's experience and reduce their bounce rate back to Google search.