ToDo / FinishIt

Update 2013-01-01: This post was updated to remove links to the app on the amazon and google marketplace. As The app is no being longer sold or maintained.

Winter term 2011, I did an independent study through the Computer Science department at Michigan in order to better learn Android development. During the course of the semester, I developed ToDo, a simple task management Android app featuring multiple lists, notification reminders, and tons of user-customizable settings. ToDo has since been renamed to FinishIt, but what its about hasn't changed.

It was also featured by the University of Michigan. here

FinishIt Features

  • Alarms - Get reminded of the stuff you have to do.
  • Password Protection - Set a numeric passcode to keep your friend's and relative's prying eyes away from your tasks. Set an amount of time you can be gone from the app, and not be prompted for your password on return. If you are gone for longer then this amount of time, you will be re-prompted for your passcode. This is great for switching between applications.
  • Simple Display - Displays your tasks in an elegant list. See the information you need, when you need it.
  • Smart bar - At the top of every list, you will see the smart bar, a quick at-a-glance view of your progress for the currently displayed list.
  • Multiple List Support - Create, rename, and delete lists 'till you heart's content. Features 3 smart lists, All Tasks, Done Tasks, and Today so you can view what you want, when you want.
  • Multi-Edit Mode - Edit multiple items at a time to mark as done, move to a different list, modify the due date, or delete them in one fell swoop.
  • Clean Up - Delete completed tasks, or all tasks quickly, and easily for whatever list you are currently viewing.
  • Innovative Date Slider - Slide left and right to intuitively select the month and date in which your task is due. No more clunky + or - buttons to deal with.
  • Simple Task Creation - Clean and intuitive task creation screen, featuring task title, done status, list, due date, priority and a note.

Plus Many More!

  • Rapid Fire Mode - quickly create more then 1 task
  • Sorting Options - sort your tasks by Name, Due Date, or Priority
  • Highly Customizable - offers a plethora of settings so the app behaves the way you want it to
  • Quick Task Deletion - turn off the task deletion prompt for even faster task organization.

Starbelly Software, LLC.

Once the semester ended, I decided that I wanted to continue development on FinishIt and release it on the Android Market. To do so, I formed a Michigan LLC. I spent the first few weeks of the summer readying ToDo/FinishIt for release and trying to come up with a name for the company. Once that was done, and Starbelly Software, LLC was legit, I released ToDo for both the Google Market and the Amazon app store.

As of 2013/01/01, it has sold over 480 copies.