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Hello everybody! Its been forever since I last posted something. (Just under eight years). But I have been doing stuff! First, I wanna show you my redesigned website. Welcome! For a technical deep dive on the new site, read the tech post.

I have backfilled the contents of this site to capture some of the milestones I've hit over the last seven years, both personal and technical. Stay tuned for more posts.

Why Now?

Anyone who knows me knows I am an avid Apple user. I have been known to live-tweet their product and software announcements for my friends.

For years, I have kept my own personal "Apple Wishlist", a list of things I'd like to see them support in future versions of their whateverOS. This year, I want to start capturing those thoughts on my website. I also want to start writing tips and tricks to help people get the most out of their MacOS and iOS devices.

In April, I set the goal of relaunching my website by June 20th. I wanted to get it done by the time iOS 14 is announced so that I have a place to put my thoughts about the release. I've hit that goal, so stay tuned for Apple-related content in the coming weeks as I process what they announce at this year's WWDC.

Last time I launched this website, I wrote 2 posts in the following months, and didn't touch it again until today. Back then, I had to manually upload the posts to my website after I finished writing them. Today, that process is automated. Since its easy to write and publish posts, and I can do it all from my iPad, I should be posting regularly. We gon see...