After a hiatus, I am back in the working world. I recently started a job at as their Lead Software Engineer.

What is Prism?

Prism is an Austin-based start-up that was co-founded by my homie Adrian. To steal a blurb from their website: "Prism is revolutionizing how live music events are managed."

In short, it's a software solution for venues and promoters to streamline their concert-planning workflow. As a software engineer who deeply loves music, Prism couldn't be a better fit for me.

On My Joining

I worked with Adrian at Zappos back in 2012. He and I built their internship website as a pet-project at the end of the summer. Working with him was great–an experience that stuck with me through 4+ years at RetailMeNot.

As Adrian's friend, I've watched evolve over the years. He and I have shared many late night working sessions with me hacking on a personal project or some task for RetailMeNot, and him working his ass off to build Prism. On occasion, I've given him random advice related to his responsibilities as a CTO at Prism. I'm hype to be able to play a direct role in its future evolution.