Hello, and sorry I haven't posted anything in a while. Actually, I've kind of been cheating on this blog in favor of Zappos' blog, hopefully I am forgiven.

My first day at work here at Zappos, I had a meeting with my superhero (read: mentor) and a few members of the API team. I was given my own project to work on, left in charge of everything from determining what technologies to use, to designing the user interface. Basically the meeting went like this: "We have this API here for you, and we want a front end for these 4 controllers. Now GO!". The 4 controllers are all controllers pertaining to managing which third party developers have access to the Zappos public API.

I decided to do my project as a Rails app, using Twitter's bootstrap for the front end. Having not done any web development in the past, I had to spend my first couple of weeks at work teaching myself Ruby, Rails, Javascript, CSS, and HTML. I worked through a few tutorials, and did a lot of research as to the best approach for the project.

I was quite happy with the way the project came out, and based on feedback from the people using it, I think they are too. For the rest of the summer, it looks like I will be working with my actual team: Zeta, on bug fixes, etc. It will be a different experience compared to my first project because I will actually be functioning as a member of a team working on code for the actual Zappos website. I'm very excited to get going with this. Check back for updates.