Well, I guess its been a long time coming, but I finally signed up for a github account. In my EECS 493 (User Interfaces) class, we had to work with partners for the final project. I chose to work with my classmates Tony and Josh. Since I am overly familiar with SVN, and hadn't had much exposure to the other popular version control systems, I requested that Tony insist that we use git. So now I can say I have used git, and that I know it enough to use it if I had to (though I am not a huge fan).

Anyway, the other day a friend and I got to talking about adding new music to out libraries, and the headache involved in assimilating the new songs' metadata to our preferred formats. I mentioned an AppleScript I had written that uses sed to do a lot of the heavy lifting. He expressed interest in seeing what I had done and I realized there was no good way for me to show him. Enter github. With encouragement from Tony, I have finally registered and set up my first public git repo.

Update 2012-08-01: I was wrong about git, and have seen the light.