Apple’s high-yield savings account reportedly drew $1 billion in deposits in just four days

Luke's take: Apple doing big numbers, as always. I’m one of them.

Introducing storage on Vercel – Vercel

Luke's take: This is like the total opposite of "separation of concerns". But I'm not mad at it. Seems like it might be a quick way to spin up an app.

Uber Eats delivering order tracking on iPhone with Live Activities and Dynamic Island

Luke's take: I'm a huge fan of dynamic island. I use it for flights, sports, maps, music, shortcuts. It's great! I love seeing it come to more and more third party applications.

Apple, Google propose ‘unwanted tracking’ standard ↦

Luke's take: This is cool. Tile was never gonna step up and address this problem on its own.

Did You Know That the Option Key…

Luke's take: This is a good thing for Mac users to browse through the option key is an unsung hero on Mac.

Google's 'Godfather of AI' is afraid of the dangers that AI poses to humanity

Luke's take: More AI headlines. Where is it headed?

Apple Bank: Ten years on, the idea seems a lot less out-there

Luke's take: As a big Apple fan, I love thinking about possibilities like this. Anticompetitive nightmares aside.

farizrahman4u/loopgpt: Modular Auto-GPT Framework

Luke's take: Looks to be a bit more user friendly than autogpt. Might be worth playing with.


Luke's take: Nobody said Web 2.0 NEEDED to be centralized, but aws and other companies popularized that paradigm. I love to see projects that attempt to shift that status quo.

Let’s talk about subscription pricing for Logic and Final Cut Pro for iPad

Luke's take: The subscription pricing model here is a shame.