Welcome to my first installment of Headlines & Discoveries.

This Week, I dive into the rapid rise of AI in various industries and the potential for user fatigue. How will the music industry and AI advancements change the human aspect of music creation? As AI becomes more prevalent, what does that mean for equality of access? I ponder the implications of Apple shutting down online services for older software, and I put AutoGPT to the test. Join me as we explore these captivating stories and more.

The music industry wants Apple Music & Spotify to block AI music training

Luke's take: AI Drake briefly topped the charts. Will companies like UMG circumvent artists altogether, or work to preserve the human aspect of music? So far UMG is taking Artist's side, but will that only last until they get ahold of their own AI Drake?

Snapchat users are furious over recent My AI update, flooding the App Store with 1-star reviews

Luke's take: AI is everywhere. Users will quickly grow accustomed to it.

Survey says 80% of Mac developers will integrate ChatGPT soon

Luke's take: More proof of the impending AI Fatigue

The ubiquity of generative text AI is going to come very fast, so unless software companies find novel and truly valuable ways to integrate it with their products, it may not be a strong product selling point due to AI fatigue

AutoGPT: Automating GPT Model for Natural Language Generation

Luke's take: I played with this for a few days. It's definitely got a ton of potential. In its current state it's more of a proof of concept. Lots of the YouTube videos are click bait and don't actually achieve anything. (See below)

AutoGPT just OBLITERATED all Traders

Luke's take: My ass! Total click bait! At the end his AutoGPT is stuck in a loop doing nothing of value. Good tutorial to get up and running, though. Props to the YouTuber.

GitHub Next

Luke's take: All the hating on AI I've been doing in this post, it's very useful in my day to day as well. I can't deny that. I'm excited for these features from GitHub.

A developer exploited an API flaw to provide free access to GPT-4 | TechCrunch

Luke's take: The importance of universal access to AI cannot be emphasized enough. gpt-4 is an excellent AI model that everyone should have access to at minimal cost. Those without access will be less efficient than those with, making it an equality issue.

Apple to shut down its online services for some older software

Luke's take: This sucks! First they killed 32 bit apps, now they're killing the server that provides old iPhones access to them. I hope you have your old games on an old iOS device, they won't be accessible soon. Maybe worth money one day. Apple is making the early days of the App Store that made the iPhone so dear to many a thing of the past.