After 4+ years, I have parted ways with RetailMeNot. It's bittersweet. I liked my team and learned a lot while working on a codebase I was proud of, but I'd stayed for 4+ years. The day I realized I had worked there longer than I had done any one other thing in my life was the day I realized it was time for a change.

I learned a lot and wanna shout out to everyone I worked with over the years. I hope to work with some of y'all again.

So... whats the next move?

As I mentioned in my stand-up comedy post, I've started doing stand-up. My only plan right now is to focus on honing that craft. Catch me grindin' at open mics in the coming months...

Besides that... I don't have a solid plan. I hope to return to Detroit, where the majority of my family and friends live. At the end of the day, I hope to find a decent living situation, and enough work/life balance to focus on comedy or other passions on an ongoing basis.