above: B1G Brawl, a game made for EECS 494

Last semester, I took EECS 494 - Computer Game Development and Design here at UofM. For our final project, my team made a game called B1G Brawl (Big Ten Brawl), a Super Smash Bros. style fighting game, except instead of Nintendo characters, we used Michigan and our three biggest rivals in football, Ohio State, Michigan State, and Notre Dame. Each school's 'mascot' faces off in an epic battle to the death.

We created the animations in Adobe Flash CS6, and all of the code in C# using Microsoft's XNA.

Embedded above, you'll find a video of the game in action. The battle you see takes place at Michigan's Burton Memorial Tower between Rudy of Notre Dame, Brutus of Ohio State, and Denard Robinson of Michigan.