Whats good?

I'm Luke Zilioli, a highly motivated and experienced front-end engineer with a passion for building quality user interfaces. I am currently a Lead Engineer at Prism.fm. I moonlight as a stand-up comedian.

Professionally speaking, I am highly motivated by:

  1. Building and maintaining high quality user interfaces
  2. Collaborating with talented and passionate individuals on challenging and innovative projects
  3. Process and platform improvements (and automation) that leads to efficiency gains for both users and developers

Today, I primarily focus on building world-class software for the music industry at Prism.fm. Finding, fixing, and folding code patterns onto themselves while enhancing user experiences is what I'm good at.

On occasion, I work on apps, side projects, and other random stuff through Starbelly Software, LLC..

Wanna chop it up or discuss working together? Contact me.