Whats good?

I'm Luke Zilioli, a front-end engineer with a passion for building quality user interfaces. I am currently a Lead Engineer at Prism.fm. I moonlight as a stand-up comedian.

Professionally speaking, I am highly motivated by:

  1. Building great user interfaces
  2. Providing the user with the best possible experience
  3. Meeting and exceeding my designer and product manager's expectations
  4. Improving developer ergonomics to maximize the efficiency of the whole team
  5. Automating things to work toward and maintain higher code quality

Today, I primarily focus on building world-class software for the music industry at Prism.fm. There, we use Angular, but as an engineer I try and remain framework agnostic. Finding, fixing, and folding code patterns onto themselves is what I'm good at.

On occasion, I work on apps, side projects, and other random stuff through Starbelly Software, LLC..

Wanna chop it up or discuss working together? Contact me.